Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Welcome to another edition of thankful thursdays!  Hope everyone has had a great week thus far!  As I'm trying to plan a mini-getaway at the moment..something I can definately say I'm thankful for this thursday is that me and my hubby are able to take a getaway this year..even though it may be inexpensive and brief!  This time last year..we were in the middle of a layoff..he was laid off from his job in the coal mines as a supply man from April to late August.  Not long in some people's eyes..but definately long enough for us and a first for us in our then 7 years of marriage.  We had never faced anything of that nature before, so it was definately a challenge in more ways than one.  It was the whole "not knowing" what the future would hold that got to me the most.  I'm the type that loves a schedule and can plan around it, etc.  While he was laid off..we had NO schedule and it just seemed that those few months were totally up in the air!  On top of the stresses that comes anytime someone is unemployed..we had literally just bought our home.  We had been moved in for a mere 2 weeks (give or take a few days) when we got the bad news.  Talk about REALLY bad timing!  I was totally devestated and even doubted God.  It was a time in my life I felt I had nobody to turn to for support..because I had felt like even the One who is there, regardless, had let me down. I had prayed for months that his job wouldn't be lost (so many mines were laying off at the time)..and I had such faith that we would be spared.  When we weren't faith seemed to dwindle.  I am SO thankful though that my spirits were lifted in those dark hours..that I realized that God DID care..and that we would be ok again, in time.  Though it was a difficult few months and very lonely at the same time..I had hope after that first hard weekend of reality hitting me.  To anyone out there..don't ever lose hope in God..even in your darkest assured..He does care and feels for you and what you are dealing with!

We were still able to smile despite our circumstances!!!!


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  1. I am glad you two will get a getaway together especially through hard times. I am glad to hear that through it all your spirits were lifted in the end. Its easy to feel let down by our God, but we are given trials to learn from, grow from, and be humbled from. The Lord only gives what we can handle. Enjoy your getaway. Jenn


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