Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kindred Connection--Bursary of Bliss Edition

Hope everyone is having a great wednesday thus far!  I wanted to join in Kristin's kindred connection party today..its a good one that requires some thought and reflection!  Hope you'll enjoy this edition and join in the party over at her blog!

Windy Poplars

What are you feelings about a Bursary of Bliss? Are you conscience of yours? Do you surround yourself with opportunities to feed your soul daily?

I'll make a list of the things that I find comforting to me and that soothes my soul....
  1. Being with the one I love
  2. Fresh sheets
  3. A purring cat
  4. Sunsets at the ocean
  5. Being on the receiving end of a hug
  6. The haze after an evening rainfall
  7. A freshly bloomed rose
  8. A young child at church
  9. Seeing a young couple in love
  10. Talking with an elderly person (and seeing that "twinkle" in their eye!)
  11. Hearing stories of the "old days"
  12. Coming across my favorite song on the radio
  13. Getting a card in the mail from a good friend
  14. Seeing a rainbow!
  15. Looking at the shelves of my pantry knowing that I put alot of time and effort into canning our produce
  16. A goodnight kiss...


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