Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Tour--Master Bedroom

Today we'll be visiting my master bedroom in the home tour over at the blog, Extraordinary Love.  Hope you'll join along in tour!!  The first picture is how our bedroom looks as you walk through the door from the living room.  I've got it decked out in, what else, americana! 

I made a couple of wall signs a few years back using the tea staining method I read about online.  So simple and so fun..though I can't remember step by step how I did it now..but it wasn't hard I promise!  Here is one of them.

This picture is beside our bed..I love the sign I bought in Amish Country a couple years ago hanging above our dresser chest.

Looking towards the master bath..you can see my jewelry armorie in the distance..

Overall I really like our master bedroom.  When we first got our house last year..I thought for sure I'd be wanting to paint over the wood paneling in here...but after I got my decor in place..I thought it actually went with everything pretty well!  Though its not exactly what I'd pick myself..its alright, imo!  The couple things I wish is that our bedroom was bigger (would be nice to fit a little loveseat and a blanket chest at the foot of the bed) and that we had another window!  I dont think I've ever seen a bedroom with just one window before..odd..but then again the previous owners were quite odd in how they did things with our place!

Hope you enjoyed the tour..see you again next week!!


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  1. thanks for joining in the tour : )
    i have an always kiss me goodnight sign too-love that!
    that IS pretty strange about the 1 window--sometimes you just have to wonder what the previous owners were thinking-we do all the time : ) Have a great day!


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