Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflecting on the past week

I thought I'd share today with everyone how my memorial weekend went since I havent really went into detail about it!  Be prepared..its quite the long story.....

On friday we were due to have my step-daughter, Beth, come in for a weekend long stay with us.  She lives in Cincinnati so it was a bit of a drive for her.  Anyways..on her way she stopped in Lexington, KY for a brief pit stop and while parked at a gas station there..a man that was on parole from Florida, driving a rental car that was NOT rented in his name, and driving under the influence (prescription pain pills), ran into her car!  Thankfully Beth wasnt in her car and wasnt injured..Praise God for that!  She was pretty shaken up about it as you can imagine, and had to make numerous phone calls as a person has to do when involved in any type of car accident.  We were notified of what was happening (my hubbys ex..Beths mom..called..can we say..ughhh!) and finally heard from Beth herself.  She wasnt sure at that time if she was going to be able to make it in or not..which we told her dont worry about it..get everything taken care of with your car first.  Finally after having her car checked out at a dealership..they gave her the a-ok to drive it again.  She managed to get here to us around 10:30 that night.  We were really happy to see her!!!  And the wasnt nearly as badly damaged as I had first I'm hoping and praying that all goes well w/the insurance companies and it will all be taken care of.

While she was in we had an excellent time!  We managed to go to the movies and see the newest Shrek movie in 3D (her first 3D movie!), do some shopping, ate out, went to church, had a bonfire in our fire pit, waded in the creek, met the neighbors, mingled with other family members, and had a cookout here at our house!  She also brought her Wii with her so it was mine and Damons first time playing it..can we say..addictive?!  Its definately on the Christmas wish list now! 

So she left for Cincinnati on monday in the early afternoon.  It wasnt maybe 30 minutes after she left we received a phone call from Damons mother that his uncle (his moms brother..hope this isnt too confusing) needed to be rushed to the hospital.  We had no idea what had happened and all I could hear was screaming over the phone, so my mind ran to the worst possible scenario as you can imagine.  When we got up there and realized the ambulance was called (thank goodness)..we found out more details.  Raymond (Damons uncle) had fell sometime in the night off of his bed and was stuck between his bed and the wall! When Edna (Damons mom) had went up to check in on him that day..she heard him yelling for help, which is when we were called.  Anyways, after heading over to Charleston to the ER, thankfully after many xrays and tests were performed, he was cleared to go home.  Nothing more than a bit of dehydration and some bumps and bruises Praise God.  It definately made for a LONG day as we didnt get home until around 1230 that night!

I guess you could say my Memorial Day weekend was filled with alot of ups and downs, stress and laughter, tears of joy and tears of frustration!  You might say I'm looking forward to a nice peaceful weekend!!!


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  1. Hey girl! Yeah, it sounds like you need your holiday again THIS weekend! Glad to hear that all worked out in the end...sounds like you did some really fun stuff while Beth was in! I didn't know you had a firepit! Aren't they the best. Oh, and Wii...don't get me started! We LOVE the Wii! My parents have it, and just about every time we're over there, we end up playing.- I also wanted to ask you: did you send me an e-mail w/ just a web address in it? It looked a little suspect since there was no explanation or anything with it, so I didn't click on it. Thought I'd check with you first to see if it was for real or if something hacked into your mailbox... Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! Talk with you later, ~Kristin


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