Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Tour

Hello readers!  Glad you were able to stop by today..its a special day here at Country Roads because I'm doing something a little different!  My friend Kristin was talking about the Home Tours "party" that Natalie was hosting at her blog..Extraordinary Love on her blog yesterday so I thought I'd give it a shot and see how everyone likes it for a change of pace!  Sounded pretty interesting to me and even though I'm a little late getting started..hopefully next week and the remaining weeks left I'll be able to get ahead and have it posted earlier on tuesday!  I took a few pictures last night and tonight of our living room (the area that is highlighted for this week)..hope you enjoy them! this is our main place we hang out at (and Ravey too as you see her bathing on the couch..hehe!)!  I love my chocolate brown couch and chair..they are such a warm and cozy color!  My coffee and end tables..I honestly don't think I'd trade them for any amount of money..they are too perfect for my taste and our lifestyle!  They have a few scratches here and there (from Miss Ravey) but they have alot of character and practicality!

Another thing I love about our living area is the wooden vaulted ceilings!  Its different from most houses and really adds a great feature to our entire house as most of the house is like this (along with hardwood floors!).  When we first moved in..I kept catching myself staring at the ceilings half the time!  We love cabins and prefer to stay in them while this makes us feel a little like we're on vacation all the time!

One thing I'm not crazy about are the curtains I bought for spring/summer months for this room.  I had no clue what to use and wanted something "breezy" and light feeling for the warmer sheers were chosen.  I saw in the magazine I ordered them from..they had paired 2 colors together for a more "dramatic" look which does help some I suppose.  I just wish those 2 windows were further spaced apart!!  Love my church birdhouse that lights up and though you can't see it too plainly..Damons hat/coat rack in the corner!  We bought it in Amish country for $30..handmade by an amish man! FANTASTIC work!  Its actually a log thats been split and varnished (guess thats the right term) so that it has legs that are "natural"?  Hard to describe..but such a unique piece! 

One of my favorite pictures of us..taken back when we were "newleyweds"!

This picture shows the entrance to the kitchen from the living area.  The one thing we are bound and determined to fix..can you guess?  Is the TERRIBLE eyesore that is the back of a cabinet the previous owners installed in the kitchen but didn't bother to cover the back of it with drywall or anything!  Makes me cringe everytime I look at it!  We WILL get that fixed and its definately on the top of my to-do list of projects for inside the house!  Although you can't make it out too well..I wanted to be able to see my americana berry garland both from in the kitchen and the living I hung it across the entryway (it looks better from the kitchen).  I tell yall..I love americana stuff so much..if I could wiggle my nose and make anything happen..I'd want my walls painted for the summer months only in either burgandy or navy and deck out the whole room in head to toe americana!  Crazy..yup probably..but thats how much I love it!  ;-)

I hope everyone enjoyed my home tour of the living area in our house!  Hopefully next week I'll be participating again..its been alot of fun and I hope to get alot of feedback from my readers! 



  1. Hey! Happy to see you on the house tour :-) As I've said before, I love your green on your walls - especially w/ the chocolate brown couches. Just SO cozy! Ugh! I can see how that half a cabinet showing would drive you CRAZY! I'm sure you'll come up w/ a cute solution! That's amazing that we have the same throw, huh? Great minds think alike I suppose :-) I have seen those "sticker" sayings, and I do like them (might get a few for my den), but for the living room, for whatever reason, I really want one painted. Still working on that... Talk to ya later girl~


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