Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kindred Connection Party--Pet Edition!

Welcome to another kindred connection party..if you've never joined one..why not give it a shot now?  Its alot of fun and a great way to meet new people!  Just link up over at Kristin's blog and post the party on your site!

Windy Poplars


1. What pets currently reside at your house?

(If you don't have any now, tell us what you grew up with)

Currently, we have 3 pets total!  My biggest baby is Raven (aka "Ravey") along with Thomas and our beagle/curr mix, Blaze!

2. What is one really strange thing your pet(s) does?

Ravey is very strange as she knows what certain words mean!  She knows treats, dry food, birdie, and pray for daddy (and she does help me pray for Damon almost every night by laying over my arms while I'm praying!). 

Thomas is a special cat in that he adopted us after we moved into our new home last year!  He only has one eye (bless his heart) so he is one special kitty...he LOVES Damon and loves to help him most times you will find him sitting in the garden "watching the corn grow" as we often say!  He hops around the yard like a kangaroo and oh did I mention..he thinks he's a dog?!  Yeah..every time we take Blaze for a walk..Thomas comes too! 

We just found this summer that Blaze LOVES to eat popsicles!  Her and the neighbors dog, Lady, will have "popsicle parties" quite often..both crunching away on their frozen treats!

3. Now fess up here: give us your nicknames for your pets (we KNOW you have them- and we KNOW they're good)!

LOL!  Ok Ravey goes by many names such as Ravus, Boogie, Suggie Bug, Ravey May, Sow Cat (Damons term for her.."sow" aka--female pig..LOL).  Thomas goes by Tom Cat and Bubba and Blaze is sometimes referred to as Blazer!

4. Are your pets spoiled or not (grin)?

Oh definately YES!!!  Ravey is addicted to treats and is probably why at the last vet's visit..weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds..YIKES!

5. Insert pet pics here :-)

This is Thomas!

Miss Ravey!

And last but not least, Blaze!


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  1. Oh I'm so glad Miss Ravey and company joined the party this week :-) I just love Blaze's Popsicle parties. How cute is that?? Thomas is a sweety too. I've never seen a picture of him before-I have a soft spot for red-haired kitties :-) - Thanks for your sweet comment about the buffet. It was a great find, and I'm so glad we took the plunge and painted it red. I love it! Talk to ya later girl,


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