Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent Relaxing Weekend..

Good evening everyone!  My hubby and I had such a great weekend (finally!) I wanted to share it with yall today along with some photos that I took while we were on our mini-getaway!  Everyone deserves to do this every now and then and I encourage anyone who has the time (and money) to re-visit your state..whether it be local or a few hours away.  We had been to Pipestem Resort State Park many times and love it very much there..its a very relaxing place to go that has many activities such as golfing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, etc, etc.  Though we only were able to spend one night..we made the most of our time and enjoyed all that we could!!  The main goal for us though was relaxation!!  After a few hectic previous weeks..enduring a bitterly cold winter..a summer-long layoff last year..and many other things I could name off..we were needing this!!! 

We stayed in the McKeever Lodge though I would have liked to of tried the Mountain Creek Lodge just for the experience.  To get to the Mountain have to ride on an aerial tram 3600 feet that carries you deep into the Bluestone Gorge.  That is the ONLY way to get to the vehicles..just the guests and nature!!  Can we say..ahhh?  Here is a picture of the tram that we took.

Like I said..we enjoyed some of the activities while we spent the night including the indoor pool and some putt-putt golf!!  They also had a fantastic seafood buffet the night we stayed!

Here is a picture of me being silly while driving around the park...

After we left on saturday..we stopped by an Amish Bakery near Hinton, WV that my dad told us about.  I wanted so badly to take pictures, but if you know about the Amish you know they don't like their pictures to be taken, so I had to hold my camera at bay.  They were selling many pastries, desserts, homemade bread, quilts, and fresh eggs!  You should have seen the cute eggs on display to purchase on the counter, 6 brown eggs and 6 pale blue/green eggs!!  Too cute!  We bought some sticky buns and a raspberry cinnamon roll type dessert (minus the was the best thing next to sliced bread!).  We headed onto Beckley afterwards and watched the movie Marmaduke for fun..its a cute movie if anyone is looking for a fun date night movie to watch anytime soon (though the newest 3D Shrek movie is much better IMO!).   Overall we had a GREAT weekend and felt so refreshed after returning home saturday only regret is that it didn't last longer..but then again..any type of vacation never lasts long enough, does it?

Have you taken any recent mini-getaways/vacations?


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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I like the idea of the lodge - away from everything. I can taste those Amish treats. We were in Tennessee once near an Amish community and I so wanted to take photos. Although I like my modern conveniences, I admire their simple lifestyle.



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