Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Tour-Kitchen and Dining Rooms

This week we're sharing our kitchen and dining rooms with everyone..and I hope yall enjoy seeing mine!  I've decorated for the summer..which means americana!!  I'll start with the kitchen..I made this little valance last year after we moved in with some material I'd been hanging onto for forever to use for something special!  Nothing more special than making some curtains for your new home!!

My stove area..nothing special..but I do make sure to hang a coordinating dishtowel for each season....

A favorite picture I bought last year at a yard sale...

Ok...let's go to the dining room!  I LOVE the placemats I bought last year for my table!

Just finished making this valance in time for this post..I really made out with a great deal on the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  Notice Ravey sitting in the chair in the second picture!

My little jams and jellies cabinet I bought in Amish Country last year...

And lastly my little "catch-all" table.  It used to be my microwave cart in our old house..but since there is a space just for my microwave here in our new place..this now gets used for a mail station/bread box holder/display area for flowers!  As you can see the pretty flowers Damon bought for me at Walmart recently (isnt that sweet?)! 

Only thing I wish is that I had a nice hutch for this room!  Some of my dislikes for the kitchen would have to be the crazy "floating" cabinet over my stove (the one I mentioned last week that is visible from the living room).  We definately will have to work on a solution to that in the future!  I saw at Lowes about a month ago some gorgeous looks like granite but its not (its cheaper)..I don't remember what it was called but it literally stopped me in my tracks when I was walking past the display (anyone ever do that besides me?)!  I'd LOVE to have different countertops in the future (when we could afford it!) and it would be great to have smudge-proof stainless steel appliances also.  I wish our kitchen were bigger so we could have an island in the middle for prepping foods, etc..I've always found that an atractive feature in a kitchen. Also a pretty backsplash would be a great addition as the gray paneling thats in there isn't my taste.  As for the dining room...the sliding glass door (where my valance hangs) that the previous owners put in is pretty ridiculous (considering the main front door is right next to it!) and we've wanted to replace it with a big bay window (again..when we could afford it) thats probably my biggest pet peeve for that room.  Considering we had an eat-in kitchen in our previous home..I'm grateful to have a dining room!!

Hope everyone enjoyed looking at my pictures of our kitchen and dining rooms!!  Let me know what you think..I love comments from my readers!!  :-)


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