Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The crazy things dogs do..

I only wish I had taken my camera with me this afternoon...

We gave our 15 year old beagle, Blaze, a bath down in the creek this evening.  It was such a HOT day outside we  Damon figured it would be a great evening to give her a bath.  Serve two purposes basically, to get her clean AND cool her off at the same time!  Not to mention cool our tootsies in the nice, cool creek water.  :-)  She was doing good..until..we got to the part of rinsing her off.  Does anyone else's dog start whining at an ear piercing decibal when bathtime comes around?  Blaze has a tendency to do this everytime we bath her..though today I have to admit..she did much better than usual.  Still though..its embarrassing!!  I wait for any minute for someone to come running to where we are at saying, "What are you DOING to that dog anyways?!?!?".  Its that bad!  The last time we bathed her..our neighbor heard her howl (if you want to call it that)..and mind you..its not a real close distance from our houses to the creek!  But thankfully..after all is said and done with..Blaze is a happy camper and acts like nothing ever happened..until the next go around that is!


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  1. Blaze ... lol. That name makes me giggle.

    No, our lab doesn't make a peep when we bathe him. He just likes to run and bulldoze his nose into the grass. Ha.


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