Saturday, June 19, 2010

Purse Addiction

Ok..I admit..I have an addiction to purses.  I've never denied it, mind you, but I never really realized how many I've collected over the past few years until we moved last year.  You know how most women need a closet just for shoes (I'm guilty of that too..but thankfully I have a closet just for my shoes now!)..I seriously need one just for my purses!!  I have them all crammed in the bottom of my closet and frankly..its a little ridiculous.  Of course, I had the same problem at our old house.  It got so bad I had to make a list of all the purses I owned, complete with description, so I wouldn't accidentally "forget" about a particular favorite, or one I'd want to use for any given season. At last count..I had well over 20 (can't find the list though I'm pretty sure its not updated).  Anyways, the other night I changed out my bags.  I was using one of my favorites (and ironically one you see most every woman carry), my knock-off Dolce & Gabanna giraffe print and changed out to a homemade, yard sale find, americana purse.  Great for the summer!  I love that little purse!  Well to my suprise, today while out and about in Charleston, I receieved 2..count them..2 compliments on my little handmade purse!!!  I found it funny..since I own many other purses that are well..better looking so to speak..that I'd receive compliments on that particular one!  It made my day though and just goes to show you..homemade never goes out of style!!


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  1. That IS a sweet little handmade americana bag :-)


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